Level Up with HDY

We’re very proud of the team of experts we have at HDY Agency. The social media masters, the digital gurus, brand guardians and design whizzes are the reason we have such a strong agency.

Sharing is caring, so we’re offering you the chance to learn from our experts, with a series of masterclasses, hosted by different members of the HDY team. The next session is all about advertising in a post-third-party cookies world.

Update! Due to so much interest in our Cookieless Level Up Session, (we can’t blame you!) we’re changing the date to better suit you all.

We’re nice like that…

And of course, we don’t want any of you to be left in the crumbs.

So, big news. Third-party cookies have gone stale. Dead. Past it.

Which means you need a new game plan.

Lucky for you, our expert team will be breaking down what this means for digital advertising and will be sharing a hot-off-the-press recipe to help you prepare for change.

Grab your hobnobs and Level Up with HDY!

12th May 2021
12:00 – 12:45

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