13th October 2021

Our very own Creative Director Paul Power, recently took to the mic to talk all things creative with Right Aligned.

What is Right Aligned? It’s only the global God of online events with the world’s hottest creatives chit-chatting to enrich your future!

It all began when founder Chris Sanders, wanted to take his ethos across the world and build local chapters. Chris created Right Aligned to help build a global community of like-minded people that believe creativity has the potential to positively change the world – which we all know us creatives have the power to do so! 

As the cool kids on the block, Right Aligned is now an awesome series of online events that are designed to go behind the scenes with the world’s most passionate designers. They aim to inspire and empower your future by digging deep into the challenges, processes, and stories of others. From leading studios including DixonBaxi, Ragged Edge, and Koto to individuals and organisations such as Anthony Burrill, BBC Creative, and Channel Four, Right Aligned brings you the juicy thoughts, hurdles, narratives, and ideas straight to your ears.

If you missed HDY’s Paul Power having a natter, not to worry, you can watch in full below.