What does Twitter’s new ‘Super Follow’ mean for brands?

26th February 2021
Twitter aims to rival Membership Platforms?

Twitter recently announced a host of new features, most notably the ‘Super Follow’. 

‘Super Follow’ enables content creators to charge for exclusive content. Loyal followers can become ‘Super Followers’ for $4.99/month and get access to anything from tweets to newsletters to community access. 

This new feature looks to target users of services similar to that of popular membership platforms Patreon and OnlyFans, which have seen huge growth over the past year. OnlyFans has seen an annual growth rate of between 304% and 334% according to an Economic report from Xsurs. Now Twitter is trying to get a slice of this pie.

What does this mean for brands? This will give brands the opportunity to work alongside creators in a strategic, content led way. Coupled with a highly dedicated fanbase, this approach could work wonders for a collaborative campaign. Take tech influencer Marques Brownlee or better known by his fans as ‘MKBHD’. He currently has over 5 million followers, if a small percentage of his fanbase joined his Twitter Super Follow. You could guarantee that the audience would be dedicated to learning more about technology, a perfect target market for a tech brands like Samsung or Apple to capitalize on. 

This also opens doors for followers. If you decide to become a ‘Super Follower’ for $4.99/month. You’ll gain access to subscriber-only newsletters, exclusive content, deals & discounts and community access.

This potentially opens up opportunities for creators to capitalise further on their audience. Allowing Twitter to become a more sustainable source of revenue for influencers.  

Another notable new Twitter feature to look forward to is ‘Communities’. A rival to Facebook Groups and an opportunity to market to dedicated groups of enthusiasts on anything from beauty to cars.

We think Twitter has been playing catch up when it comes to new features for a while now. They have only recently jumped on the story content bandwagon with Fleets, following on from Snapchat in 2013 and Instagram in 2016. It’ll be interesting to see whether Twitter takes on Instagram and TikTok with their own Reels style feature in the future. 

If Twitter continues on this roll of innovations, we’ll see an increase in user retention rate, making the platform a more valuable option for advertisers. With the opportunity to reach more defined audiences with targeted campaigns. 

We are still hoping for Twitter to announce a long awaited feature – an edit button!

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