How Do You

communicate a complicated story in simple way?

When you’ve worked in the infrastructure and energy industry since 1990, providing cutting-edge solutions in mobility, smart energy and enterprise asset management, it can be challenging to pinpoint the right way to communicate your brand to a specialist audience. 

So, when AMTSybex came to HDY with a brief to create an engaging piece of content to promote their new pricing model, we knew the project needed to have impact, as well as longevity to be used as a sales tool for prospects. To tackle the brief, our lead concept mirrored a growing digital tree to support their key message – ‘All Systems Grow’. 

From there, we produced storyboards, composed scripts and engaged with voice-over artists, before editing and rendering our front-running All Systems Grow video. Once the finishing touches were in place, the video was used across multiple platforms simplifying their pricing model.