Hosted by HDY co-founder and Heart FM presenter Ed James, the ‘How Do You’ podcast reveals business secrets behind West Midlands’ prominent movers and shakers.

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A compelling new business podcast launched by HDY

Forever curious about the channels at our clients’ disposal, getting under the skin of them is paramount for the agency – especially in a world where changes and digital innovation happen in the blink of an eye.

That’s why HDY has created its own ‘How Do You‘ podcast. The series sees our co-founder Ed James interviewing and championing West Midlands’ business leaders. Key personalities that the first series include are West Midlands’ Mayor, Andy Street; CEO and founder of global sports nutrition brand Grenade, Alan Barratt; broadcaster and motivational speaker, Katy Hill; and Michelin-star restaurateur, Glynn Purnell.

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Episode #1 – Andy Street

If you want something done right, don’t do it by halves

“If you’d have told me that I would’ve become the CEO of John Lewis, I would’ve laughed you out of court… so do what our young people do now, and seize every moment possible.”

The show’s first guest is former John Lewis CEO and Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street.

In his frank chat with HDY co-founder Heart FM presenter Ed James, Andy reveals the secret behind his driving force, his passion for detail, and how he handles career setbacks.


andy street hdy how do you podcast

Episode #2: Glynn Purnell

Teamwork is the ONLY dream that works

“People think that you have to be a winner, but getting up and having a good day is winning. Always strive to be the best, but make the little victories count.”

Our second guest is Michelin star chef, Saturday Kitchen regular, and Chelmsley Wood lad, Glynn Purnell.

In his discussion with HDY co-founder and Heart FM presenter Ed James, Glynn explains the importance of being surrounded by a solid team and how conquering stress has helped him to create one of the most successful restaurants in the West Midlands. The restaurateur also reveals who he thinks is the most important person in every restaurant kitchen, and it’s not who you’d expect!




glynn purnell hdy how do you podcast

Episode #3: Adam Woodyatt

Don’t push the nuclear red button!

“Everybody has a first day and it’s frightening, but you shouldn’t be afraid to ask anything. If you don’t know the answer, it isn’t a stupid question.”

Our third guest is Eastenders’ legend turned gin entrepreneur, Adam Woodyatt.

In his chat with HDY co-founder and Heart FM presenter Ed James, Adam tells us what it’s like being one of the most recognisable faces on telly.  The actor reveals the biggest obstacle he overcame on his way to success, and how he’s used his experience to mentor others.


adam woodyatt hdy how do you podcast

Episode #4: Katy Hill

Failure IS an option

“Thomas Edison was asked how it felt to fail a thousand times while making the light bulb. He said he didn’t fail, there were a thousand steps to making the light bulb.”

Our fourth guest is former Blue Peter presenter and life coach, Katy Hill.

In her chat with HDY co-founder and Heart FM presenter Ed James, Katy explains what it takes to realise a dream she’s had since the presenter was six-years-old. The life coach also explains that there’s always a simple solution when facing the toughest challenges, and that failure IS an option.




katy hill hdy how do you podcast

Episode #5: Alan Barratt

The more extreme the risk, the bigger the result

“When you build a brand it’s never finished, it’s all you do, all day, every day. So as a perfectionist I’ve had to realise that if I’m 80% happy with something, it’s most definitely okay, because you’re going to move onto the next thing anyway.”

Our fifth and final guest of the season is CEO of Grenade, the UK’s biggest protein bar brand, Alan Barratt.

Alan tells us how his kitchen table business came to be the number one confectionery brand in the UK, while explaining why taking risks is integral to his brand culture.




alan barratt hdy how do you podcast

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