How Do You

help to shift a prestigious event online during COVID-19?

Proving that the show must go on even during a global pandemic, we helped to support Cheltenham Science Festival with promotional activity in the run-up to its first-ever virtual festival.

Featuring six jam-packed days of debate, discovery, experiments and famous faces such as Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw, the eagerly anticipated online event was hosted by the world’s first AI Festival Curator, AIDA.

Tasked with driving awareness and subscribers ahead of the Cheltenham festival. Our campaign strategy included segmenting the audience by interests and behaviours to target them with content-relevant events. We divided the groups into three tiers: prospects (new audiences including science fans, lookalike fans, sustainability, anatomy, tech and feminists), families and engaged audiences.

With the audience in mind. We then designed bespoke assets for each group and ran targeted social media advertising to expand digital reach. And to increase traffic to the website and YouTube channel. During the whole campaign, our digital team optimised ads and copy daily to ensure we hit and exceeded objectives

During the campaign period, YouTube subscribers increased by an impressive 4.1k, with over 1.2 million users reached and 28k clicks. Performing higher than industry benchmarks. Result!