How Do You

develop a crystal clear brand story and direct a cutting edge photoshoot?

Given the task of polishing up a fine jewellery company and creating a core collection lookbook. HDY had a chance to truly shine.

The move away from a corporate feel and towards one of refined, modern elegance was executed with razor-sharp vision.

Each precious gemstone required a unique approach in order to bring out its natural beauty. To set it firmly within the context of an exquisite, contemporary brand.

Diving deep into the tale of Tanzanite, the Zanzibar collection came together in opulent folds of blue. Showcasing the stone’s rarity with stunning photography and crisp, light, aesthetics.

This was a creative challenge at its finest and we left no diamond in the rough, leading a full-on photoshoot and a brand revamp with acute artistic direction.

The result for this fine jewellery was dazzling!