How Do You?

stir some magic onto the social media outreach of a brilliant British brand?

When we landed The Great British Porridge Co.(TGBPCo) as a client, we knew we had to get it just right. As well as supporting their e-commerce shop, it was our job to look after their social media outreach and promotion, elevate their online presence and hail them as the go-to British breakfast brand.

To kick things off, we cooked up a TGBPCo Style Guide to outline creative direction and ensure a continuous brand experience. From there, we created bright, flavourful paid social assets which showcased their product range and elevated their online presence. 

Using stop motion animation, we brought ingredients to life with a playful look and feel which suits TGBPCo’s style and shone light on their healthy, honest approach.

Our ‘Free Porridge’ campaign saw an incredible click through rate of 43%, (not bad when the average is 2%) and our Black Friday campaign saw a whopping 200% increase in revenue! Double helpings? Yes, please!