10 reasons why you need to use illustrations in content marketing

19th July 2022

If you want to introduce a new dynamic to your brand content then you should seriously consider how illustration can play a part in your visual identity. Alone, it can speak volumes. Pair it with written content, and it can amplify a message, make it more memorable, eye-catching and digestible. The possibilities for visual content are endless and don’t have to be limited to what’s available in our immediate surroundings or even what’s real!

Illustrations are playful graphics that can help your business take a friendly approach and communicate messages more organically. Made to persuade, inform and influence customers and prospects, illustrations can enhance brand messaging and help express certain emotions to your audience.

We could go on about all the reasons why illustration is cool, and why it is something you should consider introducing to your content marketing plan. But, if we did that, you’d be here for days! So, after a chat and a cuppa with the HDY creative team, we’ve pulled together 10 reasons why you absolutely need to be using illustration.

  1. You want to express something abstract

Sometimes, the nature of the idea or concept you’re trying to convey will determine whether illustration is the best course of action. Abstract themes, or topics where specific visuals don’t come to mind, will often lend themselves better to an illustrative treatment.

  1. You want to talk about sensitive topics

Some topics are nice to talk about, and some topics need to be talked about. With sensitive topics such as mental health, disease or trauma, photographic implementation can be difficult and unsettling. Using illustration as a medium can create open spaces for comfortable conversation around difficult topics.

  1. You want to tell a story

Whether you’re using illustrated scenes or characters to walk your audience through your brand story, or constructing a subtle narrative across various brand touchpoints, illustration is great for taking people on a journey. 

  1. You want a specific style

If your idea requires a certain style, then illustration might be a suitable route to explore. Block illustration, charcoal, watercolour, collage or 3D are only a few examples of fun styles you may want to dive deeper into.

  1. You want to make it move

Choosing the illustrative route lends itself to further possibilities down the line. Vector-based work means there is a good chance that the creative can be animated and can add additional personality and character.

  1. You want to bridge a communication gap

When using illustration, we can convey the same idea to people who don’t share the same methods of communication. In the UK alone, 16% of adults have poor literacy skills and it isn’t uncommon for content to be shared across numerous countries with various languages. IKEA successfully uses illustration to break communication barriers by using illustrated manuals rather than written instructions.

  1. You want to visualise data

The use of infographics has boomed in popularity over the last decade, making complex information easier to understand by converting it into visual form. With a touch of creativity, dry topics, facts and figures can suddenly become fascinating and engaging. 

  1. You want to inject brand personality

Illustration can inject brand personality into even the most creatively challenging sectors and keep ad campaigns fresh and engaging. The possibilities for a brand’s stylistic expression are endless. Illustrations can also help to make the brand feel more “human” and less abstract or distant.

  1. You want to communicate in a new way

“Illustration provides a great opportunity to communicate because it abstracts an idea. It allows you to exaggerate your expression in effective ways and provides room for interpretation and imagination, which can make your message more powerful.”

(Steve Peck, Creative Director who has worked on branding and campaigns for top companies including Apple, Dropbox, and Samsung)

Using illustrations as a new way to communicate can force your audience to view a message in ways it has never been seen before. This can be a great way to draw attention to and highlight the importance of safety messages.

  1. You want to stand out from competitors

While more brands start to incorporate illustrations in their branding, advertising or social channels, only a few companies rely almost completely on illustration as a visual concept. This makes them stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

“Illustration is a great way to express creativity whether it is in the form of a brand or individual but it is also an effective way of communicating a core message or story. It shines as a subtle and friendly visual approach whilst tackling different subjects and ultimately gives us permission to let our imagination and dreams run wild.” 

  • Carina & Gaz HDY Designers

Do you feel inspired to introduce illustrations into your business? Get in touch with us and we can help make your illustrative dreams come true.