Threads App: One Week of Remarkable Growth

14th July 2023

“Threads has arrived! With Twitter’s uncertain future and reported drop in daily users. The rapid growth demonstrates that there is an appetite for a new platform, where users can use it to communicate light-hearted and fun messaging, with Meta describing it as a platform with a focus on ‘kindness’,” says Winnie Nip, HDY Senior Social Media Executive. 

It has been an eventful first week for Threads, the latest app from Meta (formerly Facebook), as it surpassed 100 million users in just five days! As a marketing agency specialising in social media services, we want to highlight the remarkable growth and business potential of Threads. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the key insights and opportunities that have emerged within the first week of Threads’ launch.

Unmatched User Growth

Threads’ unmatched user growth has made it the fastest-growing app ever, capturing the attention of millions of users. For businesses, this presents a unique opportunity to expand their brand’s visibility and reach a vast audience. If you have a large and engaged following on Instagram, it’s essential to capture that audience on Threads too. Users can easily transfer who they follow on Instagram to Threads, allowing businesses to maintain their connection with loyal followers and maximise their online presence.

Targeted Engagement and Brand Connections

Built upon Instagram’s foundation, Threads offers a familiar environment where influencers, celebrities, and brands excel. For businesses, this means an opportunity to connect with their target audience in a more focused and engaging manner, leveraging visual content and fostering meaningful conversations.

Authentic Brand Expression

Threads provides a refreshing and more casual atmosphere, enabling businesses to showcase their brand’s personality authentically. By embracing this platform, companies can share inspiring content, interact with their audience, and build an emotional connection that resonates with their target market.

Advertising Potential

Currently ad-free, Threads offers an environment conducive to brand visibility without the concerns of appearing alongside questionable content. As the app continues to grow, businesses can seize the opportunity to establish their presence and engage with users in a controlled and advertiser-friendly space.

Emerging Communities and Thought Leadership

While still in its early stages, Threads has the potential to foster vibrant communities around specific interests, industries, or topics. By actively participating and contributing valuable insights within these communities, businesses can position themselves as thought leaders, expand their network, and gain valuable industry knowledge.


After a week on the app, it’s clear that Threads is still in its early days and brands are busy sending out engagement-baiting content, alongside influencers, meme accounts, and celebrities. While it’s difficult to build a strategy for brands on a new social platform, it’s worth keeping an eye on its progress and how it develops as a platform. Only time will tell if Threads can keep up the momentum and retain its users but for now, Threads isn’t going anywhere and for so many of us, it’s a very welcome alternative! 

If you’re ready to tap into the potential of Threads for your business, our experienced team is here to guide you. Contact us today to discover how we can help leverage this exciting new app and propel your social media strategy forward.