Be bold? Get Creative

2nd June 2023

It’s no secret that these days ‘content’ is king. The better the content, the more engaging it is – and that’s how your message, brand and or product jumps out of the sea of sameness, and gets results. 

There are loads of ways to improve your content, and here are a few to think about:

  • You can upgrade the literal quality of what you are putting out by using better cameras or using a decent copywriter.
  • You can use the ever-changing world of hashtags and work your way up the algorithms of social media (this works incredibly well on TikTok)
  • You can create something that is fresh, and exciting. When something is original, or creative, it stands out. 

It’s the last point we’d like to talk about in this blog – the advantage of being creative.

We were recently tasked with making a film for joint clients Howell’s Architects, and Birmingham City Council. They had been collaborating on a detailed and bold vision for the city of Birmingham 2040. Their vision was to be presented to stakeholders and investors at a big UK event, 

It was down to HDY to make a film that translated their key points in an exciting and creative way. Our conceptual creatives got to work, focusing on what makes Birmingham what it is. 

The route that our clients chose had sound at its heart. 

Using an original script and musical score, the story of Birmingham’s past, present and future, was told. This didn’t only use the voices of real people who call the city home, but real found sounds of the actual city too. 

Our art directors worked on an artboard mechanic which meant we could skip between different media from film, photography, and illustration through to the architect’s models we’d been asked to include.

Keeping everything as original as we could, we used no stock footage at all. What was achieved in the end was an exciting, conceptual film that is made up of the DNA of the city. The very essence of Birmingham, and the story of our client’s collaborative vision, told in a way that sticks out, due to its bold creativity.