Audio Blogging: 4 Reasons why you should give your brand a voice

28th March 2022

If you’re up to speed with what’s hot in the content marketing industry, you’ll know that audio blogging content is a pretty big deal. With more people binging on audio content such as podcasts and audiobooks, one thing is clear… if you’re not offering your consumers an audio experience, you’re missing out.

With advancements in voice technology, increased emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility, audio blogging has joined the list of content formats used for engaging audiences online. 

But what is audio blogging?

An audio blog can include a combination of text, video and sound. As long as your blog includes sound files, you have an audio blog. This includes recordings, music, or a spoken journal.

Audiofying your blogs is a very simple process, and the outcome can present new and engaging ways to grab the attention of your audience. But why else should you jump on this trend?

1. Increased exposure

According to Greg Hickman, founder of Mobile Mixed, a blog and training resource for businesses going mobile, those using audio blogging are seeing a 2000% increase in exposure. Aside from introducing a whole new set of content to pre-existing audiences, audio blogging also captures the attention of new viewers. It is a great way of letting people consume content easily and while on the move. What’s not to love?

2. Accessibility 

It is important to be as inclusive as possible when creating content. This ensures everyone can enjoy and consume the information you are putting out. 

Now, I don’t know if you’ve had any reason to seek out the available text-to-speech (TTS) readers that some websites use, but a lot of the time, they’re bad. Many sound robotic, and struggle to navigate the format of some blogs. 

Headers, lists and photo captions are a few of many enemies of the TTS reader, but by using natural, human readers via audio blogging, you’re giving people unable to read content the ability to engage with your brand and feel included rather than feeling like an afterthought.

3. Personal

When it comes to bringing a little personality to your company, branding rises to the occasion. Colours, slogans and tone of voice all come together to give your brand character.

Using audio blogs extends the personality formulated by your branding by bringing it to life. Audio can give your content a voice. Emotions, tone, pitch, all these things that may not get conveyed through written content will inject life into any topic of your choice.

4. SEO

Seeing as you’re reading a content-marketing blog, I’m guessing you know a thing or two about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If not, we have a blog post on SEO best practices that might be of some use. 

Having only sprouted back in 2019, audio SEO is still pretty new. The set of optimisation practices help audio files rank higher on search engines. This means that by using more audio content, you’re setting yourself up to double the SEO opportunity.

Moving forward, you’ll be able to throw yourself into HDY content full force thanks to our use of audio. Why not click the link below and give it a try for yourself?

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