The Digitalised Golden Quarter: Christmas Shopping Trends and Insights

4th November 2020

With a second lockdown setting in across the UK. The lead up to Christmas looks very different in retail this year. The pandemic has already seen e-commerce rocket over the last few months, but November store-closures will also move Black Friday. An emerging peak of Christmas trading, into a totally online space. 

The Golden Quarter will be digitalised this year, in particular ads. So it’s more important than ever to be present online, multi-channeled and responsive to the clear shift in consumer behaviour. 

Oracle Retail’s recent survey is telling. Nearly 60% of shoppers will spend the same on gifts this Christmas and nearly 50% will split buys between online and in-store. 

People are still planning to loosen their purse strings, but the platforms for spending are shifting. 

Whatsmore, window-shopping is taking place digitally. Emarsys data insights revealed record levels of brand engagement throughout the last lockdown, with a hefty 48% of consumers discovering new brands on social media. 

Showcasing products with Facebook catalogue ads will help to get your brand seen and is a way for big retailers such as Poundland to show the cracking range of stocking-fillers on offer.

It’s important to get started early, too. By messaging loyal customers ahead of time with exclusive Christmas deals, brand engagement will grow well before the Christmas Countdown. The well-loved British brand Bronnley sees a 36% email open rate by subscribers. That’s 21% more than the average, making it easier to reach trusting fans with unrivaled offers.

Once Christmas intrigue is sparked, drive customers to the right place with dedicated seasonal landing pages packed with treats and festive gift sets. Whatsmore, be sure to optimise websites to prepare for spikes in traffic when consumers rush to bag themselves a bargain.

The takeout? Upping your social output and building a strong, multi-facing online shop-front this season will pay off.