Always-On Brand Storytelling

17th December 2020

How do you craft and shape an effective storytelling strategy and forge stronger, more authentic relationships with your audience?

Everyone loves a good story. Lockdown has allowed time (for some of us) to revisit favourite movies and get lost in a good series. But it has deprived us of another type of storytelling. 

The real-life tales caught in everyday life are the stories we’ve missed out on. They allow us to build relations, they make us human. And, it’s this human aspect that makes storytelling so important when building a brand, too. So how is it done? 

Having a central brand story which runs through the core of a company is essential, it’s the thread, the backbone. But it’s not enough.
‘Micro stories’ are the marrow of every storytelling strategy. They allow you to build a layered, deeper and more authentic picture, and in turn, they strengthen the central brand story, too. 

Use micro-stories to be part of consumers’ everyday life, with an always-on approach. This might mean sharing positive customer stories, getting behind the scenes of the business or going hyper-local with your storytelling approach. 

In short, it’s the smaller, more frequent narratives that strengthen the bonds between people, and the same applies to brands and their audience, too.

Check out the work we’ve been doing at HDY to help our clients to tell their tales and connect with their customers in real and powerful ways.