The Industry in Flux: Ad World Takeouts

6th November 2020
Digital ads

“We can put the goldfish theory to bed,” says Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer for The Content Advisory. Day 1 of this year’s Ad World Conference was brimming with golden nuggets like this. What Rose was getting at in his talk on Monday, is that attention spans aren’t shorter, but rather, tolerance for content is lower. 

What does this mean for marketers? We have to capture attention, of course, but once we do, we must keep hold of it. In short? Have a content strategy. In fact, 93% of enterprises view content as a strategic business asset, but far fewer actually treat it as such. Simply having a game plan isn’t enough, either. Checking in on the success and ROI of strategy is at the crux of doing content well.

Covid has indeed accelerated a pre-existing shift to digital, but that doesn’t mean that familiar advertising models are dead. Things are changing of course, but our purpose is not. Building an audience is key – by regularly delivering value, trust is earned and that’s when brand voices ring out above the noise. This all occurs through digital ads.

‘Content Marketing doesn’t replace traditional marketing, it multiplies it.’

Realising the importance of content, the value of centralised strategy and the need to deliver consistently is key. Whether you’re keeping up or storming ahead, asking where you are with content is a great place to start. Again digital ads are a good working base for this.

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