Downtown in Birmingham – The future of Birmingham’s brand part I

3rd May 2019

Rather excitingly, on Tuesday our co-founder Ed James is set to host Downtown in Birmingham’s second event on the Future of Birmingham’s brand.

Takeouts from the first event were that for Brum to contend with competing cities (London, we’re looking at you) it must work in cohesion and collaborate with its neighbours and rebrand as the West Midlands.

Where do you stand on the debate? Hopefully not with the one person around the table who thought Birmingham should rebrand as ‘London borough of Birmingham’! No mini quiche for them.

This time there’s an equally awesome panel of experts including Matt Nolan of Virgin Media trains, Trowers & Hamlins LLP partner Amardeep Gill and Shelley Lloyd from Celsium, who we can’t wait to meet.

We’ll be sure to wax lyrical about the outcome afterwards – and let you know if we have to confiscate any more savouries…

You can now read all about the follow-up meeting in our additional blog post It’s Time To Shout About Brum! (DIB Future Of Birmingham’s Brand Part II).