Green is the new black: HDY’s guide to Green Friday

25th November 2021

Black Friday is back! On Friday 26th November shopping centres will be filled with frantic shoppers and online shops will see customers lining up in never-ending cyber queues. What a way to kick off the Christmas season! 

Between 2010 and 2013, UK retailers caught on to the unofficial holiday that originated in the USA and have since immersed themselves into American culture offering bargain hunters incredible discounts and savings on products. Although not everyone has welcomed the trend with open arms…

Previously referred to as ‘the crux of consumerism’ and ‘mindless materialism’, online conversations surrounding Black Friday are often met with plenty of negativity which has led us to the decision to go green this Black Friday. 

To get you ready for what we will now consider to be ‘Green Friday’, we thought we’d let you in on some gems by highlighting some independent ethical companies that you can spend some dosh with this Friday.

Harvest Skincare

If skincare is your bag, Harvest Skincare is a brand you need to know. 

This independent organic skincare brand offers an extensive range of 100% natural products to keep your face, hands and body fresh and fragrant – perfect for a winter skin routine change. They also create incredible hand poured candles made from natural fragrances and soy wax so your home can smell as good as you.

Located in Kings Heath Birmingham, this sustainable company crafts each product by hand. They use biodegradable and reusable packaging and they only ever test on people. 

That’s right, you can look good, smell good and do good with ease!

PROVIDE Birmingham

Fans of original designs, high quality products and top-notch customer service will want to check out PROVIDE. This Birmingham based brand sell clothing, mugs, art and candles. 

Centred around community, PROVIDE actively work with Midlands-based suppliers and manufacturers to ensure money spent with them remains in the local economy. 

Whilst the brand have stated that not all their products and garments are organic, they take an open approach to ethics and sustainability by working with brands that are honest about their manufacturing process. 

They encourage consumers to delve a little deeper by sharing the stories behind the brands and the people behind the designs.

PROVIDE is inspired by the people, history and industry that Birmingham was built on.

No Basic Bombshell

If you’re looking to get as far from basic as humanly possible, No Basic Bombshell is just the place for you.

This extraordinary boutique offers handmade and consciously crafted accessories made in-house. Their colourful collections are full of unique treasures including geodes, smiley faces and gender symbols to name a few.

Moving towards an economically sustainable way of working, the brand recently introduced their recycled range full of 100% reworked items including some recycled Christmas trees!

Quarter Horse Coffee 

Located on Bristol Street, Quarter Horse Coffee is much more than just a coffee shop. 

Being the first independent café and roastery in Birmingham, QHC makes great coffee from a selection of premium beans roasted in-house and available to buy on their website. 

The brand ethically sources their green coffee through importers who work closely with the farmers. And where possible they cut out the middle and buy straight from the farmers themselves. 

Secured in fully recyclable, CO2 neutral packaging, Quarter House Coffee is a great place to shop for coffee lovers who care about the environment, fair trade and good quality brew!