Happiness is the key to marketing agency success

14th January 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re set to celebrate our best financial year in business. After winning £1million of new work during the first UK lockdown.   

At HDY, we’re in the business of people. We believe that developing skills and letting our team follow their passions results in happy, fulfilled and well-rounded people. Who bring their best self to work, which results in the best results for the agency.

As we wave goodbye to the crazy year which was 2020, we’ve been reflecting on all the amazing work our team has delivered in the last 12 months. And how our commitment to our team’s happiness has helped boost the team’s mental and physical wellbeing. In the less-than-ideal circumstances of lockdown and restrictions. 

Angel Gaskell said: “I doubt any business can say confidently that they were fully prepared for everything that 2020 threw at us. Lockdown illuminated the importance of businesses remaining flexible, resilient and innovative to succeed. 

“Ultimately, there were two routes to go down, either recoil or manoeuvre quickly. At HDY, we pride ourselves on our ability to come together during challenging times. We ramped up the agency’s content marketing. While recognising the importance of protecting and boosting the team’s wellbeing and happiness.” 

During the lockdowns, we’ve been enjoying a full, virtual wellbeing programme. Which included high intensity workouts, art therapy sessions, cook-alongs, games and leadership training courses to stay active, social and creative.

Ed James said: “Keeping the team safe during this pandemic is as much about looking after mental wellbeing in isolation. As it is staying physically safe.

“Mindset is everything and in a business like ours, creative ideas and the best work for clients is often a result of us all being together and bouncing around ideas. That’s why we made the commitment to make sure that vital part of our business culture remained in-tact, regardless of the circumstances.”

Alongside this, we welcomed seven new people to our diverse and dynamic team in 2020. Including a brand new apprentice. We now have extended expertise in digital performance marketing and enterprise CRM, motion graphics and animation, creative and film, PR, experiential, social media, SEO, influencer engagement and so much more!