HDY Agency joins forces with Birmingham City Council for the Be Bold Be Birmingham Podcast

15th December 2021


We love Birmingham and we’re not afraid to shout about it! We are delighted to join forces with Birmingham City Council for the Be Bold Be Birmingham podcast. Showing how great our city is!

2022 is going to be an exciting year for Birmingham, and a chance to shout from the rooftops about our city. We’ve gone all out with our creative podcast with the team working on planning, sourcing guests, hosting the show in our very own studio, through to editing and releasing the finished product. 

As part of the #BeBoldBeBham campaign, the podcast focuses on the brilliant people, communities and organisations that make up our city, and the podcast is a true celebration of Brum and tells the story of why Birmingham is bold.

Every week we take to the HDY Podcast Studio and talk to some of Brums biggest advocates. From the birth of the Balti and Birmingham Pride to Creativity in the city and what ‘Brummie Humour’ is. This bold podcast is designed to uncover the DNA of what it means to be a BRUMMIE. Why the city is shouting about today, and excited for tomorrow!

Angel Gaskell, co-founder of HDY Agency, said: “Seeing how amazing the #BrumWeCan campaign was. This was an amazing opportunity to rejoin with the Council and remind people how great we are. All the diverse things Birmingham has to offer. 

“Be Bold Be Birmingham and the podcast is a great way of getting people together. Strengthening and showcasing the community bond.” 

Check out the work we’ve done on the awesome campaign so far on the Birmingham City Council Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages and listen to the Be Bold Podcast on Apple podcasts, Spotify and on YouTube

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