HDY Agency teams up with Birmingham City Council

18th June 2021

Here at HDY Agency, we’re super proud of our Brummie roots, and always jump at any opportunity to shout about how great Birmingham is. We love having a partnership with our fellow Brummies.

So you can imagine how delighted we were when Birmingham City Council appointed us. To help shine a spotlight on the wonderful businesses, charities and people of Birmingham.

The #BrumWeCan campaign was launched during the pandemic to support those suffering with issues. Including loneliness, mental health problems, domestic abuse and homelessness. As well as championing those charities and community groups that are offering vital support. 

Our partnership tasked with taking the campaign to the next level with a communications, campaign and marketing strategy. Together with Birmingham City Council, we will  be working to drive awareness to the campaign, its partner charities. Also highlighting inspiring stories from Birmingham citizens. 

Angel Gaskell, co-founder of HDY Agency, said: “As a Birmingham-born business, we are so honoured to be teaming up with the Council to shine a spotlight on our great city and all the wonderful things local charities, communities and individuals are up to.

“Building communities is so important, now more than ever, which is why we’re so excited to have the opportunity to build on the BrumWeCan campaign and showcase all the amazing resources and support that’s out there for those who need it.” 

Check out the work we’ve done on the awesome campaign so far on the BrumWeCan Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.