HDY appointed by new challenger brand UVA UK

23rd December 2020

We’re very excited and humbled to have been appointed by UVA UK. A new UK-based ride-hailing app, which is due to launch in Birmingham, Exeter, Wandsworth and Islington in 2021. 

With the aim of disrupting a monopolised market in which a lack of consistency fails drivers and passengers alike. UVA is putting itself in the driving seat to make a change. 

As part of the new partnership, HDY will be taking the creative lead and supporting the exciting, new challenger company. With design, branding, events and PR. 

HDY co-founder Angel Gaskell said: “Challenger brands spark change and innovation. We’re thrilled to partner up with UVA and there’s no doubt this is an opportunity for huge growth.” 

To secure such a major client as a regional, Brummie-based agency is well worth celebrating, and as UVA is a new brand with a big vision, we have the pleasure of leading from the front, being at the forefront of ride – hailing.

We’ll be supporting UVA’s launch in 2021 and raising brand awareness with a comprehensive communications and branding strategy, so buckle up! There are big things to come.