HDY buzzing to be working with WASPS

19th October 2020

We are thrilled to reveal that HDY have recently been appointed by WASPS Rugby Club to put a sting into their social media. 

Our team got their heads together to tackle the brief with creative boldness and strong energy. To match up with the feisty WASPS squad

As the Club seeks to turn up the buzz on their social channels they were on the hunt for a top agency. Who understands exactly the line they need to take. 

Adam Benson Chief Commercial Officer at WASPS commented that:

“HDY get us. They know where we’ve come from and where we want to be. I’ve no doubts that this is the start of a beautiful relationship!”

Having won the advantage line, HDY are steaming ahead with speed and agility to showcase the Rugby brand. Ramping up audience excitement

The campaign will be revealed soon. 

Game on!