HDY co-founder Ed James releases book Be More Kid

18th November 2020

Today sees the long-awaited release of HDY co-founder Ed James’ debut book Be More Kid.

Between co-running HDY Agency and presenting his daily drivetime show on Heart West Midlands. Ed somehow managed to find the time to write a book as well.

Ed James with Be More Kid co-authors Mark & Nicky Taylor

The ethos of Be More Kid has formed the fundamental working and cultural principles of this agency. Ed and co-founding partner Angel have built a team full of passionate and creative people who are always questioning, learning and growing.

As an agency we thrive on unbridled enthusiasm, and we’re driven by a proud curiosity. It’s no coincidence that these are traits most often associated with childhood.

It was on the Be More Kid principles that HDY’s essence was built. We vowed to be the agency who wouldn’t be afraid to explore our curiosity and ask all the bright questions. It’s also why injecting fun into everything we do is such a vital part of the HDY DNA.

To be more kid is to think big, aim high, and have fun on the journey. It is to be tenacious and relentless about your dreams and this philosophy is the very reason that HDY Agency has grown and flourished, even during a global pandemic.

The Be More Kid seed was planted when Ed’s daughter broke her arm at the age of six. Instead of crying or complaining, she embraced her new situation with enthusiasm. Ed noticed this powerful response and how much it differed to how many adults would have handled this.

Inspired by his daughter’s positive and practical response, Ed got to thinking… What if the secret to transforming your life doesn’t lie with becoming a new, improved you, but instead in unlearning unhelpful habits and behaviours to allow you to re-engage with the resources that you’ve had all along, right from when you were a child? 

And so, the Be More Kid concept was born. Paired with Ed’s constant desire to make a difference, this led to a connection with Master NLP Trainers Mark & Nicky Taylor after attending one of their courses in 2017. 

Ed, Mark & Nicky carried out behavioural research both with children and adults and used the findings to create a practical handbook for solving problems in everyday life called Be More Kid.

The book aims to help you to reconnect with the passion, playfulness, curiosity you had as a child to live your best life as an adult. 

The book also includes practical coping strategies and activities, and it’s available to order now. You can get hold of your copy of Be More Kid here. We couldn’t be prouder of Ed!

Be More Kid