HDY helping the nation ‘Snuggle Up’ with latest client win

11th December 2020

At HDY, we know the value of a great night’s sleep. It changes everything from your mood, health, productivity, creativity – the list goes on and on! That’s why when we had the chance to work with a new client in the Comfy Group to support a new range all about helping the nation get a #happysleep, we leapt at the chance.

New client win for HDY

Snug has launched a brand new pillow and duvet collection that combines eco-friendly materials, affordability and sleep science to bring the power of a good night’s sleep to all, promising that counting sheep will become a thing of the past. 

Our creative team has been tasked with designing a series of bold and dynamic digital animations, to drive engagement and boost awareness of Snug’s dreamy new range, which can be tailored for each customer’s requirements and preferences for optimal snooze time. 

Liz Grimshaw, Brand Marketing Executive at Comfy Group said: “The creativity and enthusiasm I’ve seen from the team at HDY matches our own values, so it was a perfect fit for the new partnership. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!” What a client!