HDY wins The Great British Porridge Co.

11th September 2020

HDY’s hearty appetite for irresistible new projects has bagged us another brilliant UK-based client. The Great British Porridge Co. is making mornings easier with their lovely instant porridge, and we’re joining them to stir some magic onto the breakfast scene.

Last year, business duo Jacqueline and Matt made it all the way to the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. They entered boldly with three dancing bears and piping hot porridge and it turned out their pitch was just right! 

After securing a full-house of offers from the dragons, this little brand has gone a long way, making it to several major supermarket shelves, and we’re excited to support them in their journey. 

Beth Heddle, Marketing Manager at The Great British Porridge Co, commented, 

“I’ve been watching HDY flourish over the last two years and have been really impressed by their team of friendly go-getters. As our brand goes from strength to strength, we’re super excited about what we can achieve together with this new partnership!”

HDY will be taking care of social media outreach and promotion whilst supporting The Great British Porridge Co. e-commerce shop and their other retailers. So, while they’re busy boosting the nation’s fibre intake, we’ll be boosting sales!