HDY Work with Casey Bailey to Create Dear Brum Love Letter to the City

28th June 2022

As Birmingham gears up in time for the Commonwealth Games 2022, we partnered with Birmingham City Council to visually bring poet laureate Casey Bailey’s love letter to Brum, to life.

Our studio team art directed and produced the final version of the film.

Dear Brum,

Of course I’m here writing you again

The marrow in my bones, the fire in my pen

You are the music in my accent, the reason that I sing

Placed like the main attraction, the middle of everything

It’s so appropriate that we sit in the centre of the land

A place that so many can reach but few can understand

You have to really breathe it in, walk amongst these people

In this so called the second city, we are more than just a sequel

Original in every way the light that never fades

And yes you heard the games are coming, but my city doesn’t play

So let the flags stream through, but we’ve had a preview

In the city that is home to so many day to day

It hasn’t always done us proud, home of Enoch’s speeches

Rivers couldn’t wash the blood, you can’t dust or clean it

It’s legacy lives on, and we’ve definitely moved on

But life is not always a beach, in the city of no beaches

We’ve had our dark Sundays, but Monday brings dawn

So we survive the black sabbaths, where Ozzy was born

Iommi, Ward, and Butler making every song special

Down the road from Iron Bridge, we were forging heavy metal

Where Rowland Hill invented stamps, Where Jaykae makes grime

A place with so much heritage, yet somehow in its prime

Just look at chamberlain square, clock tower rising in the air

And you don’t even have to stare for you to see that it’s our time

And time is precious, with the beauty and the pain that it delivers

Glass buildings rise around me I’m reflecting in these mirrors

When I think of what I’ve lost in this city I get shivers

Shivers, I get shivers

But if I’m the town hall roof then the city is it’s pillars

The expertise at the QE cannot be overstated if you understand it

There’s a reason why Birmingham’s the place where Malala landed

When she arrived her life was on the edge let’s not understate it

Fought for girls education then in Edgbaston , she was educated

Proud, that’s the way my city makes me feel

Loud, about achievements that you won’t believe are real

Clouds, can hammer us with rain and make the river swell

But the storm is water off a duck’s back on these Brum canals

I am Leon Priestnall’s words, Jamelia’s superstar

There’s an Annotomix Fox spray painted on my heart

The art, just like the people round here, is eclectic

Putting on a show for years, go and check in The Electric

Respect it, the special kind of story that we write

Give it credit and that’s by the order of Stephen Knight

Keep running, it’s just another lap of Alexander Stadium

Go for gold on the podium,

Be Bold, Be Birmingham.