How do you use Instagram TV for business?

12th October 2018
Instagram TV

Since its release on 20th June 2018, IGTV has apparently become Instagram’s most enigmatic feature yet, with many users still very unsure of how (and why) they should use Instagram TV. For businesses, this isn’t something to fear, it’s actually a great thing! Since IGTV is still in its early adoption phase, businesses that define their Instagram TV channel now have the chance to set the bar, positioning themselves as a trendsetter when it comes to using this new and exciting feature. But before we go onto how to use IGTV, let’s take a look at how it works first!

What is IGTV?

Though they probably wouldn’t want us to describe it this way, the simplest way to explain IGTV is ‘a different kind of YouTube’. Available via Instagram or through the IGTV app itself, this platform allows you to view and upload videos in vertical mode. As more and more of us become addicted to consuming content via our phones, especially video content, this is a great way for Instagram to combine two things people love. Viewers can follow topics and channels they like, to make sure they’re always finding enjoyable videos. There’s also an option to stay up to date with videos that are trending. So, there’s a lot of fun to be had as a viewer, but what about as a video uploader? Let’s look into how you can make the most of IGTV for your business…

Use your business Instagram TV channel to create a great first impression.

In our recent article about using Instagram Story Highlights for business, we mentioned the importance of story highlights in making a great first impression. Access to your IGTV channel will live at the top of your profile, just like your Instagram Story Highlights do, making it another great way to give visitors the key information they need as soon as they visit. When creating content for your Instagram TV channel, keep in mind that it will be one of the first things a new potential customer will see. This is a great thing of course, as it gives you the power to make a specific first impression. So, why not upload a ‘trailer’ or introduction to your business as your first Instagram TV video?

Create truly valuable IGTV content.

After making a good first impression, your main aim when creating Instagram TV content should be to provide your profile visitors with genuinely valuable and/or interesting information. Depending on your business, some great examples of valuable video content could be:

  • Industry insights or news updates
  • Exclusive/behind-the-scenes footage
  • Step-by-step tutorials on how to use products
  • Relevant advice or ‘top tips’
  • ‘How it’s made’ videos or interviews

Just think about what kind of useful or entertaining content you would like to see when you visit a brand or business profile. Providing potential customers with authentic, valuable content will improve brand sentiment, as well as keep followers coming back for more!

Use links from videos to create a call to action.

One thing to remember when using IGTV for business is that you have the ability to add multiple links into video descriptions. So, even though we wouldn’t suggest making all of your video content promotional, you should definitely make the most of this feature on occasion. Adding a call to action link into your IGTV videos means another great way to drive traffic to your website.

TLDR? IGTV is one of Instagram’s newest and most exciting features, with plenty of opportunities for businesses to use it in their favour. When creating an Instagram TV channel for business, upload content that’s genuinely useful for potential and existing customers – this is your chance to give a great first impression for your business!