Tuesdays are the new Mondays

9th August 2022

The pandemic marked the start of a new beginning for many of us. Organisations took a full-scale shift to remote working, and as each month passed us by we realised that working from home was a privilege many of us would miss once restrictions were lifted. Alas, with research proving that a hybrid working model has benefits for employees and employers alike, many organisations moved to a new way of working – including HDY.

At HDY, we believe it’s important to keep our team engaged, and a hybrid approach to work will contribute to a higher engagement rate as well as a higher retention rate with staff. With only 11% of people returning to the office full-time following the pandemic,  it is clear that hybrid working is a popular way of working. After all, with a team as unique and talented as the one we have here, we strive to make our workplace as enjoyable, motivating and fair as possible.

Research suggests that hybrid working…

  • Improved employee well-being

People reported favouring hybrid working as it gives them the freedom and autonomy over where and how they work. This helps them balance their work-life days better allowing them to spend more time with family and even do things they wouldn’t be able to do after coming home from the office. 

  • Helps save money

According to Confused.com, working from home can save commuters as much as £300 per month. With the cost of living rising, making savings can go a long way and help make employees feel more at ease. 

  • Increased mobility

Location is now a very important factor for people when it comes to applying for a job. A hybrid or remote job is more likely to be more suitable for an applicant. This gives them more freedom on the location of the company, as well as their work-life balance. For example, people are now starting to apply for jobs further away from home on the basis that travel to the office is minimal – which is a convenience for employees. 

Not only does a ‘work from home’ or ‘work from anywhere’ scheme benefits the employees by motivating them, it creates better values for the business. 

  • Reduces costs 

With things getting more and more expensive, people are looking at cutting down costs – including businesses. Employees no longer need to provide desk space for all employees or pay for usage costs such as electricity. 

  • Improves workers productivity 

Working in an environment where you’re most comfortable is likely to drive creativity and productivity. Employees are surrounded by their comfort zone; somewhere where ideas can come a lot easier. 

  • Improves retention rates and attracts bigger talent 

Offering a ‘work from home’ or ‘work from anywhere’ scheme can attract more talent as well as keep the employees that are currently in the business. At the end of the day everyone wants comfort in order to maximise talents and motivation- and where better to get that than your own home? Or maybe on holiday? This is why providing employees with flexible working is important for both employees and the business.

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