I’m A Celebrity, Do My Social For Me!

15th December 2021

Working in social media means we spend a lot of time observing trends and seeing what sticks. Some things are predictable (for example, pets = likes), some, less so (#ExtremePlanking). One thing is for sure though, when it’s I’m A Celeb season, everything else joins the back of the queue. 

You can imagine how excited we felt being asked to run one of the celebs personal social media! We are used to running social accounts for brands and individuals. But with that many eyes on us, we knew we had to step up to the challenge. 

Adam Woodyatt (known for his long serving role as Ian Beale in BBC’s Eastenders) handed over the keys to his accounts, telling us to have fun, but also with helping people to see beyond his iconic character. 

Because of the amount of TV shows in such a short space of time. It was essential for us to be always on, reactive and deliver at lightning speed. By weaving in news from the castle with news from the outside world, as well as trending popular culture topics, meant we were keeping Adam in the forefront of people’s minds with relevant and engaging content. Within the first few days our content had made national news and featured in OK Magazine online, Liverpool Echo and Express

Overall, Adam’s social accounts grew massively. Increasing by 25% in following and reaching over 300% more accounts than usual while having over a whopping 3.06M impressions! 

Adam is also super happy with people’s impression of him. With the large majority of comments following his eviction from the castle, being about how genuine a man Adam is, and Mr Beale wasn’t really mentioned (despite this ludicrous Beale shaped pun)…

Adam messaged HDY Co founder Ed James saying:

“Ed, you and your team at HDY Agency have done a brilliant job. I had such a laugh in the castle and I’m now having a laugh at everything you’ve done on my behalf on insta and twitter.”

So now we just need to book a table at the caf! Roll on 2022!

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