Together we can all break the bias

8th March 2022

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD). A global landmark day celebrated by millions in unison on 8th March 2022. 

IWD is a chance to reflect on the historic struggle for gender equality and celebrate the impressive progress made in recent decades. 

The roots of this annual event reach back more than a century. The focus on respect and opportunities for women remains strikingly at the forefront of many brand’s values today, however there still remains a long way to go.

Commemorating women’s cultural, political and socio-economic achievements and challenges, the annual landmark day will see millions collectively focusing on this year’s theme – breaking the bias.

What should businesses be striving towards? Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions – all day, every day. Though discrimination can often be easier to recognise and address, there is a bigger problem when it comes to unconscious gender bias. Those with unconscious bias are largely unaware of it, making recognising and reducing it in the marketing industry more difficult.

As creatives, we hold an important responsibility to the marketing industry. By harnessing our vibrant originality, we can create content that gains momentum to drive influence and make an impact. Recognising the power of our voice, HDY is stepping forwards in support of the action for equality. 

With love for all things creative, we’ll be taking part in this year’s IWD mission – to break the bias through the power of videography and typography. 

Motivated to move, challenge, convey and inspire Birmingham and the wider marketing industry, we’ve created our very own visual interpretation of this year’s theme ‘breaking the bias’.

Unfortunately, after talks amongst our teams, it was brought to light that many HDY members had experienced gender bias in previous workplaces. Taking inspiration from these personal experiences, we’ll be addressing the gender bias of female leads and diverse cultures. Our short-form video will depict negative phrases that have become too familiar for many of us. The visual will be accompanied by audio, giving a voice to moments that left many speechless.

A social media asset, created by our talented female Junior Designer, will use typography to show our support of IWD across our social channels.

Our message to followers and friends is simple. It’s time we break the bias in our industry. Break the bias in our workplaces. Break the bias in our schools, colleges and universities. 

Together, we can all break the bias – on International Women’s Day and beyond.

Check out our video here.