New Year, You

2nd January 2022

By our Marketing Manager, Ben Kane

So, we are in a new year… It’s obviously a great time to make positive changes (I for one will be eating up to 100% less mince pies this month) and better ourselves, but right now, I can’t open my phone without being shown a new weight loss porridge, drink or something of the sort. And hey, I might even give one a go. 

But it has got me thinking about the pressure to be better though, and can I just say, I think you’re doing just fine. 

“BUT BEN YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ME” I hear you calling…

Well here’s the thing. Christmas is a very social time of year and socialising hasn’t been the easiest thing to do recently. Social pressures are real (I nearly broke down because of a roast potato based issue on the big day) and now the pressure’s off, it’s time to stop worrying about other people’s needs, and concentrate on YOU!

I put it to the team at HDY to come up with some ideas that help to give yourself time, and take the pressure off. Here are a few of my favourites…

Bookworm: Set aside time to get lost in a good book. Pick your favourite to re-read, or ask someone you love what they’d recommend. You could even start a book club,I mean why the hell not!

Bath Time: This isn’t just a bath, this is THE bath. I’m talking bath bomb, candles, a glass of wine, AND the rubber duck. 

Day Tripper: Take yourself on a day out! 

Date Night: Treat yourself as if you were on a date. Dress up, eat fancy, treat yourself and take some pictures of you looking fabulous and feeling independent for the Gram.

Playlister: Pick 12 of your favourite songs and curate a playlist. Share it (or don’t.)

Chocoholic: Actually eat the chocolates you’ve been given, never ever save anything for a special occasion, today is one, after all.

Time Out: Book 30 mins a day, to do whatever the hell you want. Anything. Yes, even that!

Use these ideas as thought starters and let your imagination run wild. Always wanted to binge watch The Sopranos? Tick it off. Still got a decent hunk of Christmas cake in a tin? Get it scoffed. Just remember, you do you.

And if you want to get inspired then here’s some of our amazing work!