Revealed: Top Christmas movies across Europe

8th December 2021

To celebrate the start of Christmas and to give festive film fanatics an excuse to rewatch their favourite Christmas movies. We’ve gone geek chic and analysed internet search data to find out Europe’s most loved Christmas film! 

British rom-com Love Actually was searched for a show stopping 135,000 times (on average per month). So of course it came out on top, making the cut in 12 countries and three isles. Including Spain, France, England, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Montenegro, Denmark, Norway and Sweden; and three islands including Palma, Corse and Gotland searched for Love Actually the most. 

Second place, with widespread coverage across Europe, is Home Alone. The Christmas classic series, with the latest being released this year. Caught the eye of Serbia, Albania, Slovenia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands and Northern Ireland. Also areas of Ireland, Wales and Scotland voted Home Alone as their top film. 

The classic Elf was the most popular in Central Europe, including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. The US comedy also grew on people in parts of Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The 1993 fantasy Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas took Italy by storm and also made an impression in parts of Wales. 

The most modern film to make the list is Last Christmas, which snowballed to the top of the searches in Germany and part of Portugal. Now we know the favourites. This gives our team an excuse to grab the popcorn and curl up under a blanket for a mega Christmas movies marathon! 

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