The Next Big SEO and Digital Tools to Look Out for in 2023

9th November 2022
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As the SEO and digital landscape continues to evolve, keeping track of the tools worthwhile investing effort into gets more challenging. As brands face an even bigger fight to attract, retain and re-engage customers online, the need to think outside the box becomes a bigger ask. Luckily, the correlating line between tougher jobs and the software to get them done is still looking very strong!

We’ve collected these superb digital marketing tools for 2023 to check out and see if they can tick a few boxes for your content strategy.

AI Copywriting tools

Writing good copy takes ages, and it can be repetitive, especially for things like Google ads, product description or social media posts. Lighten the load in 2023 by farming out your boring, repetitive writing to a piece of software.

The GPT-3 Framework has come a long way since true AI writing arrived a couple of years ago. There are now dozens of free, freemium and paid AI copywriting services that can be pretty convincing, in certain situations.

However, AI copywriting tools are definitely not a replacement for a good, human copywriter. The copy generated will likely come with a few major watch-outs, including some interesting word choices now and again, as well as fully made-up statistics, facts or claims. Sadly, the software will simply react to a prompt with grammatically correct writing that focuses on just that. But, if you can fix these potential errors yourself afterwards, you have a tool that can even be told to write in a certain style or tone, which could save you plenty of monotonous hours!

Check out Jasper (formerly, Peppertype AI and, all of which have trials.


AnswerThePublic isn’t a new tool at all, but you can potentially expect some new features in 2023 now that SEO expert Neil Patel has taken things under his wing. Using a few simple algorithms, AnswerThePublic generates potential topics to write about by inputting a few keywords. You’ll then get some questions that are built from what is being talked about on social media, or searched on Google.

AnswerThePublic now has a ‘pro’ version to check out too, including even more keyword inspiration and insights that are similar to what you’ll see in other social listening tools.

Whatsapp Business

This is in no way a new digital tool, but it’s definitely worth checking out in 2023. Bridging the gap between personal phone contacts and the end-point of your sales funnel, you can share things like your portfolio, your products and services, and offers / contacts / anything else business related directly with your phone contacts.

The beauty here is that you can measure responses and deliver fully-customisable sales pitches, catch up messages or anything else all in-app. Wave goodbye to complex CRM journeys or having to track multiple touchpoints across various communications platforms.

‘Synthetic’ content creators

Similar to AI copywriting tools, AI content generators are going to become increasingly prevalent, and increasingly mind-blowing throughout 2023.

You may have already dabbled with app-based AI image generators like Wombo or Wonder AI, but things are going to get a lot more interesting when the beta version of DALL-E 2 releases in the near future. This piece of software, built using similar frameworks to AI copywriters, can throw up a very convincing image generated completely by AI. This could be a quick and easy solution for content creators looking for illustrations, photorealistic CG images or even photographs – it’s that convincing.

Check out Midjourney, an open-source AI image generator with high-quality, high accuracy output. Midjourney is also in beta, but it’s possible to join via Discord.


This quick and easy email automation platform takes away the pain of trawling through response rate stats and trying to figure what to put in an email, when to send it and who to, and what to do with those subsequent results.

With a super-easy interface and one-glance results, you can set up your follow-up or cold email to send at a time where it has the best chance of being opened, plus you’ll be able to tweak what didn’t work last time or what gained the best results. A game changer if you’re still trying to do all of this manually.


Worried about duplicate content? Siteliner will analyse your pages, and let you know if that content exists elsewhere on your site or on the web.

This not only prevents duplicate content, but also alerts you to other sites that have potentially copied and pasted your content on theirs. Or, if whoever contributes to your site has cut corners…


If you work with Javascript, then Grunt is going to change the way you work (if you’re not already an advocate). This task runner and library of JS automation and plugins is designed to make repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, unit testing, linting, etc fully automated, leaving you to do the fun stuff!

Although task automation is nothing new, Grunt makes it easy to shelf-pick the automation you wish to run, saving time on the set-up side too!


Social listening is going to continue being an invaluable goldmine of sentiment, trends, habits and opportunities as we continue to increasingly live out our lives in digital spaces. Audiense does the tough job of trawling through the noise, identifying similar conversations, interactions and more to create an accurate picture of what’s being said about brands, products, people and more.

The power here for brands is being able to gauge the existing thoughts and opinions of previous products, competitor products and services or the target market as a whole before designing, creating or even launching, potentially avoiding disaster or catering to a definitive need!

Hreflang Tag Generator

One of the big SEO challenges for webmasters is ensuring brands with an international presence have a single website with language switch capabilities, rather than multiple domains in different languages. Hreflang makes it easier to signpost to Google the true language of a page, to help make indexing easier and hopefully help your page to be seen!

The tool is free and is pretty easy to implement, saving you the effort of tagging pages yourself.


Figuring out the right formula between initial social media post engagement and final sale on your website could be the fine line between success and failure, and there are plenty of potential disasters waiting to happen along that journey.

One way of mitigating traffic loss or website exits is to A/B test designs / UI choices / calls to action / website copy. Unbounce lets you do this quickly and efficiently, with no need to design, code or spend hours measuring results.

The template system is easy for non-digitals to get their heads wrapped around as the A/B test results are fast and easy to understand, making this one a very powerful tool indeed.

Armed with this list of handy SEO / digital tools, it’s time to create some amazing content! Check out our other handy content creation tips or get in touch to see how we can make any tech implementations regarding your digital content that little bit easier.