How do you show off brilliant work in under two minutes?

25th July 2021

As we come into our third year with three awards already under our belt, it’s about time we celebrated some of the amazing stuff we’ve been up to. How do you show off so much brilliant work in under two minutes? With a show-stopping showreel, of course. (Well, two actually…)

Here at HDY, we’ve been doing things differently since day one. Our channel-first approach has had our multi-talented team creating killer content across all platforms. To make sure our clients are seen, heard and loved by the people that matter. 

It’s not just about what you say, it’s about how you say it –  and who’s listening. That’s why at HDY we put the audience at the centre of everything we do. However they tune-in, our team of digital amphibians are quick-footed and agile enough to cross all channels at a pace that will amaze. 

Our B2B showreel is a high-speed snapshot of our dextrous approach to all things digital. From a kick-ass re-engagement campaign for Allstar, to revving up Epyx’s reputation in the automotive market. Our obsession with finding the best way to do things always gets results. 

Our B2C projects had us working hand in hand (or cheek-to-cheek) with several beauty brands including Fade Out, whose social media presence was given a facelift to revive customer engagement. Whoever we work with, we like to get under the skin (and Below the Belt) of our clients. So we can strip down, scrub-up and transform brands to make them stand out. 

Collaboration is at the heart of HDY. We believe that creativity thrives as a collective process, not as something set in stone. Our projects come together by keeping a friendly, open dialogue with our clients and by touching on all the skills of the diverse HDY team.

The showreels shine a spotlight on everyone’s hard work!