The launch of ‘Sow much more’

12th May 2022

As the war in Ukraine continues, we wanted to do something to make a change. 

Through our ‘Sow much more’ campaign, we are raising funds for the children affected by the conflict in Ukraine. 

Looking for an approach to our campaign, we discovered that the sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower. We wanted to offer more than just a monetary donation and also give something to our local community. 

Our online fundraising page gives people the choice of donation – as much or as little as they would like to give. For every £5 raised, we will be donating a pack of sunflower seeds to local schools here in our city, while sending the donations to Unicef in order to help children affected by the conflict in Ukraine.  

Just 4 days after the launch, we have broken the online target and have raised over £100. That is a minimum of £100 that will be helping the children of Ukraine, as well as at least 20 packets of sunflower seeds going out reminding children and adults to stand up tall, proud and face the sun. 

This isn’t our first charity project, but this one is different – it’s an international challenge so we had to make sure our idea was big and recognisable (of course this is where our window message comes in). 

Additionally, the agency’s co-founder and managing director Angel Gaskell is a Business Ambassador for Acorns Children’s Hospice and we have recently led a successful anti-hate crime campaign following a homophobic attack in our city centre under the hashtag #handsagainsthatred. 

Angel Gaskell, MD and co-founder of HDY Agency, said: “I couldn’t be any prouder of this campaign we’ve put together. 

“It’s heartbreaking to think of all the innocent children being affected by such heinous acts of violence. We wanted our campaign to raise money for those who need it most while also waving the flag of support over here in the UK.”