30th September 2021

Ever heard of the One Club for Creativity? Well, let us introduce you to them! They’re a not-for-profit organisation that celebrates and elevates talent within the global advertising and design industries. On topics such as activism. They’re a pretty big deal!

As an organisation that thrives on diverse voices. The One Club recognised the recent rise in discrimination, hostility and violence against members of underrepresented communities has soared sky-high. 

The ‘We Are One’ campaign invited those who usually lend their creative minds and talents. All for commercial purposes to instead create momentum for change. 

There were a lot of contributions, from top global marketing agencies to independent creatives around the globe, and of course, HDY!

The task at hand.

To raise awareness for the general public and to inspire others to play an active role in the fight against hate by spreading a message and bringing it to the masses, all through activism.

What we did about it.

Conversations about racial hate are essential to influence change, but we get that they’re hard and uncomfortable. Microaggressions are one form of racial hatred – and they are the thinly veiled, everyday instances of racism, homophobia, sexism and more that you see in the world. Sometimes it’s an insult, other times it’s a floating comment or a gesture.

To highlight the danger of microaggressions in creating a cultural undercurrent of racism, we created a series of posters that tackles microaggressions from various angles to inform, educate and empower passerbys. And can we believe it? They were both selected as finalists amongst the chosen selection. 

The work has been selected to feature on the ‘We Are One’ website and social channels. Which will be placed on digital billboards all over the US to remind the world that ‘We Are One’. 

So, be sure to pop on over, check out all of the finalists selected. see what everyone’s take was on the matter!