Three Cheers for Storytelling

10th August 2022

Our MD Beatrice Vears talks about the amazing summer we’ve had. However, the voices, especially the female voices, are the main focus.

Sport has played a major part in my life. I’ve played it, watched it, cried at it and danced around the living room for it.

Yes, we know it’s not life or death, but in many ways it sums up the human story. Even non-traditional sports fans can relate to the tales of failure, redemption, hope and team spirit that inspire and motivate us all.

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We’ve had a summer of women’s sports to be proud of. The England women’s football team, the Lionesses, quite rightly take the big plaudits. Their achievements have been universally celebrated and the demand for action to drive the women’s game forward is finally making the headlines.

We’ve also recognised that commercialisation is necessary in any sport to make it mainstream, to drive inclusivity, funding and allow wider participation. The FA has set new targets for attendance at women’s games in England, and the sponsors will now surely flood in to provide the funding so needed at this point.

However, another thought has struck me – we need to recognise the amazing female voices that have delivered the narrative of sport this summer.

Not just on the pitch…

We have incredible allies like Ian Wright, celebrating and encouraging the fight for change and equality. But it is actually the authority of female voices that has struck me the most. 

The broadcasting masterclasses displayed by Gabby Logan, Claire Balding, Alex Scott, Isa Guha, and the legend that is Sue Barker have not only enlightened us with an understanding of their respective sports, and what is technically required, but also created a human narrative that invites all armchair viewers to feel involved.

As marketeers, we can take away some true inspiration from these women. You can create a fabulous story packed with emotion, roller coaster thrills and success or defeat, but if you don’t deliver in an authentic way, underpinned with expert timing, passion and understanding, then it can fall very flat. 

The power of an expert voice

They make it look easy; the conversations, the curiosity, the passion that doesn’t break convention, but adds new and dynamic viewpoints. They have become the voice of historic moments and a backdrop to our perception of what we are seeing. 

If you can drop even 10% of any of that into a brand story, then you’re onto a winner. Please have another look at our work with Casey Bailey on Be Bold, Be Brum for Birmingham City Council. This work was part of the build up to launch the Commonwealth Games and is a fantastic, inspirational piece of poetry that proves even further how powerful storytelling is when it comes to raising awareness and building momentum.

So it has been a summer of not just sporting inspiration, but a summer of rich content underpinned with familiar, knowledgeable voices. They have told the stories we wanted to hear with both integrity and comfort.

And don’t we all need a little comfort right now.