UK Agency Awards 2022: An Award To Be Proud Of

23rd September 2022

We’re a proud bunch here at HDY. Proud of our work, obviously, but also more than that – we are proud of each other. Proud of each individual that makes up the team, proud of the values we hold, and proud of our home – Birmingham UK.

This pride runs deep. It makes us who we are, so when something threatens this pride, it hits hard.

Last year, less than a mile from our offices in Digbeth, a young man was attacked for holding hands with his partner in Birmingham’s gay district.

This goes against everything we stand for at HDY. We wanted to use what we are good at, to show support to Birmingham’s LGBTQI+ community, as well as stand up tall against such a horrific hate crime. Hands Against Hatred was born. An out-of-home and digital campaign that sparked a social phenomenon through our city raising awareness and gaining support against hate.

So What About Now?

Last night, it was recognized by the UK Agency Awards with a silver award for the Best not-for-profit award. The judges said “We thought this was a beautiful campaign for a fantastic cause, that clearly struck a chord with a wide audience. The execution was stylish and intriguing, but the campaign succeeded as it was delivered straight from the heart. This recognition is well deserved, congratulations”.

We didn’t make this work for awards, but it’s been singled out a few times now for its success, and every time it does, we are empowered to stand up for what we believe in, keep passionate, and use our skills for good.

We’re obviously really proud of this campaign, and the recognition it continues to get just helps spread the important message. 

We’ll be celebrating this weekend at Birmingham Pride, with all the people who make Birmingham as diverse and beautiful as it is.