What is content marketing?

26th May 2022

Simply put, content marketing is about delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time.  All underpinned by solid performance metrics that help businesses grow and hit audiences right in the feels.

At HDY, we believe that everything starts with your brand. Knowing your brand purpose and how it relates to your audience is fundamental to building the foundations of your marketing plan. Once you have these in place, you can begin to shape your channel and content strategy whilst telling your story. By truly understanding your brand, only then can you begin to create meaningful connections with your target audience. This goes deeper than traditional demographics, we use behavioural science in marketing channels to really understand how audiences engage. It’s fundamentally different by channel, one size won’t fit all…it’s personalisation at scale that provides marketing cost efficiencies.

So, what makes content valuable?

Purpose is the ‘value-add’ of content. 

It’s all well knowing that purposeful content makes valuable content, but you may be wondering how we do it. While we can’t exactly hand over the blueprint to what makes HDY content out of this world, we can tell you that it’s ‘mumma’s secret recipe’ for marketing success!

Whenever we create content, we ensure it is useful, focused, clear, compelling, high quality and genuine. Though this may sound like a lot, it’s the minimum when you’re creating content that you truly care about.

By creating content with purpose, we can create work that attracts, retainers and grows audiences while telling a story with substance. The BBC were not wrong about those values being key to engagement and utility. And most importantly, our content is always created by a team of highly skilled specialists.

Interested in what we’ve done previously? Check out our work – all from re-branding and creating a fresh feel for a brand’s post-pandemic launch, to social media and influencer campaigns to create brand awareness and encourage conversions, and even creating cutting-edge video content as part of a client’s internal marketing approach. 

How do we stay relevant?

In a similar way that creating valuable content revolves around what your audience finds valuable, creating relevant content is all about the audience too.

Our team is made up of marketing experts, each with their own expertise.  By developing data-led audience personas, diving into market research and investigating consumer insights, we understand that without knowing the audience, we cannot make truly relevant content. We need to understand what we want the audience to get out of our content, as well as what the client wants their audience to get from the content they put out. 

Not only do we make sure our content is relevant but we look at trends and keyword research in order to rank higher on search and be able to stand out from the competition. It all comes together with the background research, right tone of voice and language and making sure we stay in line with trends. 

Consistency is key.

Maintaining a regular content strategy helps create a smoother, more enjoyable experience for customers. It also helps build credibility, reputation and brand trust. Utilising the likes of Google Analytics, Sprout and HubSpot to monitor and track engagement, we can create a structure backed by strategy for our clients. Regularly deploying tracking metrics leads to a better understanding of why certain content performs best, allowing us to streamline our process and create content that is even more engaging. 

Constant optimisation is key to ensure we are providing content which repeats custom and builds a community. Being consistent also means keeping up with trends and macro insights to showcase our agency’s expertise, and also to create content for our clients which is topical and up to date. 

In summary,  we like to think of HDY as the problem-solvers of the marketing world, contact us today for a chat about how we can help.