Going for Gold: Angel Gaskell wins at the Digital Women Awards

20th December 2021

Written by Angel Gaskell 

I couldn’t quite believe it when my name was called out as a winner at the Digital Women Awards

To be around so many inspirational women doing incredible things in the digital world, and to be recognised as one of them, was such an overwhelming moment for me. Let alone being named the winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year category!

It’s moments like these that allow you to step back from the daily hustle and bustle of running your own business to truly appreciate what you’ve achieved. It’s been a crazy journey to founding HDY Agency, but three years later. Here we are with a team of 45, a portfolio of international brands under our belt and some award-winning work to boot. 

One of the biggest challenges we faced as an agency was adapting to the pandemic. I doubt any business owner could say that they were prepared for 2020. For us, the pandemic stopped us working with one of our biggest clients. Collectively, our team ramped up our marketing efforts to attract new clients and implement new ways of working. 

After such an incredible journey, this award has given me time to reflect on the outstanding work we’ve achieved and having the time to say to myself: ‘we did it. We are building something truly special.’

I’m so proud of what we have accomplished at HDY Agency, in just three years. From moving offices three times, to winning international work and building our team of creative talent. Here’s to many more to come!