How Do You

create compelling content for 12 months of marketing activity?

The de-fleeting and re-marketing of used cars can be cumbersome. But with 1link’s Disposal Network dealerships, retailers, traders and auction houses now have a communication platform that integrates the entire process electronically. 

While 1link’s super streamlined and brilliantly efficient platform does exactly what it says on the tin, they needed a refreshing campaign to match. Recognising that changing the habits of independent car dealers can be a tricky task. HDY devised a creative campaign called ‘Signs and Lines’. A playful concept mirroring road signs to drive home key messaging. We also mirrored this look and feel to create an engaging stand for 1link at the international Car Dealer Expo (CDX).

The campaign looked great (if we do say so ourselves), and more importantly, 1link saw a massive spike in new signups and used car sales on the platform from independent used car traders in 2019/2020!