How Do You?

demand the hearts and minds of customers to inspire lead generation?

Powering public and community services with next-generation software. Our client Capita One transforms the experience of those delivering, and receiving, public and community services.

Supporting a programme of activity aligned to the bigger content marketing strategy. The end goal was to boost brand awareness and generate leads. 

Spanning Education and Children’s Services. The One Asset campaign, automation and digital support and more, HDY and Capita One collaborated to craft content that demanded the attention of its customers. 

Utilising case studies, blogs, video interviews, product videos, online articles, email bulletins, webinars, social assets, and paid media. We did just that. 

Elevated by paid social advertising across LinkedIn, content targeted customers’ sales journey to increase reach and engagement.

A resounding success, our awesome activity led to an increase in lead generation of over 400%, compared to the previous year.