How Do You

transform cold data into MQL’s and then SQO’s using tactical email marketing?

Since 1974, creating innovation in payment solutions has always been at Allstar’s core. Allstar now has the UK’s largest fuel network and is part of FLEETCOR, a leading global business payments company.

In 2019, Allstar Business Solutions appointed HDY to support them and their sister brand, The Fuelcard Company. On a mission to convert MQLs to SQOs, our role was to get under the skin of both brands to drive their extensive CRM programme. 

Our campaign message focused on the brands’ core content pillars: cost and credit. Split into strategy, planning and delivery, our CRM experts and creative clan worked together to develop a digitally-led customer content journey to echo these core business ideals.

Putting the audience at the heart of the campaign, we tailored our creatives to sing in harmony with Allstar and The Fuelcard Company’s target audiences. Creativity and humour helped to set the emails apart in a B2B environment, which can typically be a grey space. 

Following the success of the six-sequence email campaign, we’re adapting the concepts to suit a Convenience and Control message – watch this space!


The UK’s largest fuel network, Allstar provides fuel solutions to SME’s. To sell the product, we designed the Save & Protect concept. Here to save the day, office workers depicted as superheroes protect the business from fuel expenses with the help of Allstar. To spark interest, we added subtle motion to the email creatives.

The Fuelcard Company

Working with smaller fleets, The Fuelcard Company employs a light-hearted tone of voice. To match, we developed The Workout concept. Showcasing our audience struggling with fleet fuel management through exercise. This email creative offered a fun, eye-catching alternative reinforced by playful zoom-out animation.