How Do You

drive online sales in hospitality?

Bateaux London offers luxurious dining cruises for customers to meander down the River Thames and take in the sounds and breathtaking views of London all whilst accompanied by live music. 

Following the changes brought on by Covid-19 from May to September, the tourist market that Bateaux London once used to thrive on was no longer applicable. As the landscape drastically changed overnight, a new audience posed a new challenge for the business. Bateaux London needed a performance marketing agency for their summer relaunch, with the intention to drive revenue

We gave their current approach a renewed energy and vibrancy in time for lockdown lifting. We aligned audiences insight with channel performance driving content that engaged and converted to a huge uplift in sales.

As the campaign grew from strength to strength, we built a retainer relationship with Bateaux London and now continue to support their cruise sales on a monthly basis with paid digital activity. 

However, HDY didn’t stop there, we thrive on enriching our clients knowledge and pushing their boundaries. With this said, HDY now supports digital campaign ideas, tactical messaging, PR and influencer events, event photography, plus, digital assets to drive sales that are all backed by solid strategy.