Our Future City Plan

How do you bring Birmingham’s future vision to life?

The Our Future City Plan is an ambitious look at the future of what Birmingham will be like in 2040. It’s a collaboration between Howell’s Architects (HA) and Birmingham City Council (BCC) and it establishes Birmingham as a global leader in sustainable living and working.

Once their bold vision had been set, HDY were tasked with turning that vision into a film, ready to be showcased at the UKRRiiF event to capture the imaginations of stakeholders and investors, as well as the local community.

This creative endeavour required a comprehensive skill set, spanning music composition, mixing and mastering, art direction, production/project management, videography, sound recording, copywriting and animation.

The resulting film became a powerful medium that captivates audiences. It seamlessly blended the city’s rich heritage, present-day achievements, and future aspirations, by showcasing the diverse community. The film strives to connect with potential investors, garnering their support for the proposed development themes while fostering a deep sense of inclusion and unity within local communities. Its purpose is to align the people of Birmingham with the city’s visionary plans for a transformative future..

The partnership between HDY, HA, and BCC was a remarkable success that hopes to make a significant impact on Birmingham’s future through the power of storytelling and creative collaboration.


Quote from Howell’s Architects:

“We are absolutely thrilled with the tremendous success and reception of our project. It has surpassed all expectations and garnered an overwhelmingly positive response. The event was a huge hit, with standing room only and an incredible demand that forced us to regretfully turn people away. The social engagement surrounding the project has been nothing short of extraordinary, with interactions and enthusiasm off the charts.”