How do you elevate and solidify a brand across several audiences?

Obitus provide audio and visual technology to support funeral arrangers, venues and families to give a more positive bereavement experience. This is offered through high-quality, personalised music, tributes, streaming and keepsakes.

When they approached HDY in 2022, they were in the middle of a period of extreme growth. That might sound like a dream scenario, but with an increase in both traffic and general awareness, they needed to make sure their brand was as solid as possible, making each different audience feel at home. That’s where we came in.

This was a project that touched every part of HDY and it’s always a great feeling to see each of our teams working together. It’s been a joy to help strengthen a company that is so customer-focused and one that makes such a difference to so many. We loved being able to help Obitus strengthen their offering and the results speak for themselves…

Working towards key commercial goals, our objectives drove the development of the brand refresh to articulate Obitus’ brand proposition. 

To get to the heart of the brand, we conducted stakeholder workshops across the business and external customer groups. Our team fully immersed themselves into Obitus’ technologies and audience, visiting HQ, crematoria venues and funeral directors across the UK. 

This investigative insight helped to develop a strong proposition and identity that truly encapsulated the challenges and needs of the audiences. It was key to guiding the development of a content toolkit, a website and also product videos.

Illustration vs. Imagery

In such an emotionally charged market sector, we wanted to evoke a sense of ease, reliability and genuine care. 

Avoiding too much imagery that could be triggering, we created a unique illustration suite. This allowed the end users (families) to feel comforted by the brand providing the services for their loved ones goodbye.