How Do You

shout loud & proud about a practical guide to ‘Play’?

Connecting qualities among the HDY team are a determination to think big and to have fun along the way. It’s no surprise, then, that our Founding Partner Ed, a self-proclaimed ‘Big Kid’, lives life to the max and always sees the glass half full.

Inspired by his 6-year-old daughter’s admirable approach to life. Ed teamed up with professional relationship and behaviour experts, Mark and Nicky Taylor. To carry out behavioural research which was to shape the backbone of the book. 

‘Be More Kid’ is a practical handbook which captures this philosophy of play and offers tips on tapping into your inner child’s curiosity. It was on these principles that HDY was built, so naturally, we had to get involved!

To help ‘Be More Kid’ to flourish, our amazing creative team wire-framed and designed a colourful site where you can access exclusive resources. Find links to social and of course grab your copy of the book.

As a result, Be More Kid made it to the top of Amazon’s sales. Attracting coverage in titles such as The Independent, Birmingham Live, and many more!