How Do You

spruce up a male grooming brand?

Broaching the subject of sweaty balls (yes, those ones) through marketing is never an easy task, but one we grabbed by the… kahunas when intimate skincare brand Below the Belt Grooming asked us to transform their brand.

Helping Below the Belt Grooming to move away from being seen as a ‘novelty gift’ to a serious necessity in the male grooming market, we stripped the brand back to basics, crafting a sharp new look and feel that could be mirrored across all of their digital channels.

Gift of the Grab

Delving into their audience we injected more nuanced tongue & cheek back into the brand. This involved rewriting their tone of voice to ensure that while humour remained central, it took on a more intelligent approach, politely telling their customers to let their Sean Pauls breathe, while also playing back their funniest customer reviews to bring about brand warmth.