How Do You

refresh and modernise an established and respected B2B brand?

Moneyway is a trusted lender in the Near Prime market offering straightforward and transparent finance solutions for used car dealers and brokers.

Established and Secure Trust Bank-backed, Moneyway appointed HDY to revamp the brand’s look and feel while considering its heritage. The rebrand also needed to artfully align Moneyway with sister brand V12 Vehicle Finance. 

With Monyeway’s esteemed reputation at stake, our approach had to be subtle but impactful, to ensure it remained recognisable to dealers. 

We set out with some visual development. Starting with the logo, we crafted a modern, simple design that matched the brand’s warm personality. 

Stripping things back stylistically, we introduced a more complementary colour palette, developed an ownable graphic identity, transformed the tone of voice, then showcased the application of the logo in various settings. 

The result? A sleek, single-minded visual identity which looks forward to the future of a digital world.