Birmingham Airport

How do you build brand awareness for the third largest airport in the UK?

Birmingham Airport has big ambitions to grow its commercial offering and reach more flyers. Eager to find their bearings, BHX got in touch with HDY. We were assigned the task of creating a spring campaign to drive awareness of five key cost-effective European city break destinations. This included Milan, Lisbon, Paris, Nice and Copenhagen, all flying directly from Birmingham Airport.

BHX had an aim to target 20-30 year olds in the West Midlands. From this, the HDY crew used data and insights to formulate a creative approach. This tapped into the audience’s thirst for travel whilst staying aware of the decrease in disposable income. With this in mind, the campaign departed over multi-media. The campaign flew across DAX advertising, Spotify Audio Advertising, paid social and paid search. Our marketing outputs collectively urged Gen-Z and Millennials to discover their wanderlust.

With the given audience in mind, our team identified TikTok as a prime opportunity. With Gen-Z’s habits indicating that 40% prefer to use TikTok as a search engine over Google, it was a logical step to implement this channel to support our paid media campaign.

As a result, our super talented motion team then put together a TikTok video. This aligned with the rest of the creative outputs and highlighted iconic city landmarks from the city-break destinations. Not to mention, content was created in a format that met the needs of current TikTok trends.

Why not see the result for yourself – take a look at the final video below, along with some of our other campaign creative.